H. I. Ambacht

The municipality of Hendrik Ido Ambacht near Rotterdam is constructing a new Vinex housing project in cooperation with neighboring Zwijndrecht. In 1971 Lucien den Arend designed his Walburg Project which was realized two years later.

The Vinex location, Volgerlanden, directly borders the Walburg project. The ditch, which used to separate the two cities - the Zwijndrecht Walburg housing area and the rural H. I. Ambacht fields with greenhouses - was planned to be enlarged and form a water reservoir to accommodate any surplus rainwater. At this stage the working group contacted Lucien den Arend and commissioned him to make a proposal for the total area, including his older landscape project.

Volgerlanden in the city H. I. Ambacht Holland and the sculpture of Lucien den Arend - site specific constructions in Hendrik Ido Ambacht

Walburg Project 1971|1973 earth, asphalt, meandering dike, bronze, high-tension pylon and pollard willows - 136x50x19m - Zwijndrecht, and x-ing 2000|2001 water, earth, Alnus (alder) steel bridges and shells Hendrik Ido AmbachtThe Netherlands