The Dutch village of Hardinxveld/Giessendam consists of polder roads with long narrow pastures. Along the road the view from the farmhouses gives a magnificent perspective. Little canals form the perimeters for the elongated stretches of land.

Lucien den Arend proposed to do a pollard willow project in this setting. Piet Burger, a friend who lived in one of the farmhouses, offered to have the rear of his property transformed into a circular island.

. the iron pollard | de ijzeren knot - pollarded willow spiral - 1992 willows (Salix Alba) - Hardinxveld | GiessendamThe Netherlands  - landscapes and sculptures by Lucien den Arend - his Finnish and Dutch sculpture

1992 the iron pollard | de ijzeren knot, island and osier environment, Hardinxveld/GiessendamThe Netherlands